Students shot at UC Riverside Regents meeting protest (1/19/12)

EDIT: The shots weren’t rubber bullets, but rather plastic capsules filled with lead and paint. And previously, I explained I didn’t assume that any actions rightfully provoked the shots. But that was prior to I found that the two college students who have been shot were carrying a metal barricade straight at the police line. They mentioned their intention was to spot it amongst the protest line and the police line. But the cops were correct in making an attempt to take what could be perceived, especially offered the situations, as a big object that could possibly be employed as a weapon. And when the two college students tried to pull it back, and at some point had been pushing it into the cops, that’s when they have been shot. And the kid that was getting carried, Anthony, was walking fine the next day, however he was demanding free well being care from the Student Wellbeing Center. He’s not a UCR student, so of course he was turned away.
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