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California And Federal Bankruptcy Laws

California And Federal Bankruptcy Laws

In the state of California, it is of the utmost value to hire an Oakland bankruptcy lawyer. They know the two the federal and state bankruptcy laws that will apply to your specific bankruptcy case, regardless of whether it is chapter 7 personal bankruptcy or chapter 13 private bankruptcy. For example, you are going to tell you that federal law needs you to consider credit counseling at least six months ahead of you file for bankruptcy.

An Oakland bankruptcy attorney also understands that federal bankruptcy exemptions do not apply in the state of California. As an alternative, Californians have two sets of state bankruptcy exemptions to choose from. They can not mix and match exemptions from each lists.

1 list consists of a “wild card” or “grub stake,” that shields any type of home. It also includes: $ 17,425 in value for a residence, $ 2,775 in 1 motor vehicle, $ 1,150 for jewelry, $ 450 in any one particular specific item of home goods, furnishings, apparel, appliances, books, animals, crops, a musical instrument, $ one,750 in equipment of trade, professional proscribed well being aids, and disability, illness, or unemployment positive aspects.

A large volume of equity in your residence highlights the 2nd checklist.

It also contains: $ two,300 for equity in a motor car, the proceeds of a sale of a motor motor vehicle, and the proceeds of motor automobile insurance, under specified conditions, home goods, furnishings, appliances, and provisions are exempt, $ 6,075 really worth of jewelry, heirlooms, and functions of art, wellbeing aids, and unmatured life insurance coverage policies.

Neither of these are the full lists. An Oakland bankruptcy attorney will know the two total lists, and which would be much better suited for your particular bankruptcy situation. Be mindful that the moment you have selected a list, you likely will not use all the exemptions on it, but only those that apply to your bankruptcy case. Once more, an Oakland bankruptcy lawyer must be ready to help.

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