Soul Seekers Ghost Adventures At Haunted Temecula Bunkhouse INN Ep 2 Real Ghost Footage Real EVP 1/3

Soul Seekers 2011 Paranormal Challenge Champions Pay a visit to the Old 1840’s Bunkhouse INN In Temecula California. Rumors of Ghosts and apparitions all through this location have been told. Safety Officers have even quit this place from currently being also scared to even walk the grounds. This is Ghost Hunting at it’s Best. Soul Seekers Dante Reeder Allan Williams and Josh Baker Investigate this Haunted 1840’s Location. Ghost Adventures Taps Ghost Hunters Paranormal Challenge Ghost Ghosts Demon Demons Spirit Spirits Orbs Mel Meter Ovilus Zak Bagans Aaron Goodwin Nick Groff Haunted Apparition Dante Reeder Allan Williams Josh Baker Shane Dawson Chris Crocker Rooster Teeth Red Vs Blue Cain Valasquez UFC Dark World RayWilliamJohnson EpicMealTime Sightings Ghost Photographs Youngsters react to I informed my kid I ate there Halloween Candy Scary Paranormal Activity Genuine Ghost Hunting Spirit communication Ouiji Board Haunted Areas Scariest places Most Haunted Death Afterlife Reality NFL NBA Pittsburgh Steelers San Diego Chargers New England Patriots San Diego Oceanside Orlando Magic New York Jets Detroit Lions New Orleans Saints Spooky “Dwight Howard” “UFC On Fox” “Alistair Overeem” “Temecula” “Dan Henderson” “Haunted Temecula” “Haunted Usa” “Odd USA” “Ovilus” “Px” “Mel Meter” “Poltergeist” “Jinn” “Seance” “Spirit Box” “Ovilus II” “Spirit Communication” “Soul Seekers” “USS Hornet” “Episode 11″ “Raw Uncut Ghost Hunting” “Ghetto Ghost Hunting” “Spirit Beacon” “Entice Spirit” Entice Spirits

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