Dirty Projectors – Temecula Sunrise

“Temecula Sunrise”, the second track of the new Dirty Projectors album Bitte Orca. LYRICS: I reside in a new building house I live on the strip behind the dealership, yeah I reside in a greenhouse and I am acquiring wasted, yeah Temperature rising I can feel it all the way down And what hits the spot, yeah, like Gatorade? You and me infant, hittin’ the spot all night Up in the light of the higher Temecula sunrise Higher Temecula sunrise High Temecula sunrise Absolutely you can come and reside with us I know there’s a area for you in the basement, yeah All you gotta do is aid out with the chores and dishes And I know you will Rest assured, comfortable You have nothing The encounter of earth will be wiped And right after all, yeah, all of it Indian paintbrush and a couple of brown finches Right there in the light of the high Temecula sunrise Higher Temecula sunrise Higher Temecula sunrise I welcome the new construction roads I see that my silhouette is golden, yeah I know the horizon is bright and motionless Like an EKG of a dying lady Far away from the light of the substantial Temecula sunrise Higher Temecula sunrise Higher Temecula sunrise
Video Rating: four / 5

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