Can I File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy on My Own? Long Beach California Bankruptcy Attorney Laura Claveran Prolonged Beach bankruptcy attorney Laura Claveran explains what you are going to want to do when filing to get an unsecured second home loan under Chapter 13 bankruptcy. There are a number of actions you ought to take in this tough process. You will need to have to employ a genuine estate broker to tell you the present market place worth of your property. You will also want to prove you have a initial and second mortgage loan, and how much you pay on each of them. You will require to record this in public records to display your second mortgage loan is now unsecured. Even even though this is a possibility and offers you the substitute to save your residence — it is not effortless. Observe the video now to find out far more. For a lot more data about bankruptcy law and my firm, pay a visit to our educational website at http in which we aid you with your bankruptcy possibilities. If you have legal queries, I want you to phone me at (562) 494-2828. I welcome your contact. Claveran Law Firm 5199 Pacific Coast Highway Suite 508 Prolonged Seaside, California 90804 Telephone: 562-396-5291 Fax: 562-494-9999

Take Back the Land- Rochester Eviction Defense March 28, 2011

Take Back the Land- Rochester engages in an eviction defense of the Lennon-Griffin loved ones home. Rochester, NY sends 25 police vehicles, including the SWAT team, to execute the eviction. six Take Back the Land- Rochester members are arrested, as is an elderly neighbor who dared complain about the police overkill
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